Terms of use.

This agreement (here in after referred as "Terms") is include all conditions to use, service (here in after referred as "our service") between the user and our service.
The user will be deemed to have agreed to the Terms by using our service. If you do not agree to the Terms, you will not be able to use our service.
On circumstances, Terms maybe change without advance notice to the user by our company. User use our service after the change will be considered to have agreed with it.

About use

1. Our service is base on Terms of use from Instagram.

About API

1. Our service is based on the API that have been officially provided from Instagram, is an app to be acquired and display the information of Instagram.
2. Our service is carried out Instagram developers registered, have the right to use the API.
3. Our service is only using the API of Instagram, there is no relationship between our company, our server and Instagram at all.

Block and report.

1. By the nature of service, videos, images, or texts that might do not follow the will of user is display.
2. If there is unpleasant post / user, you can block or report that post / user on our service.
3. In case of report, if our company has determined that report was reasonable then it will be hide from our service.

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